Frequently Asked Questions on Obesity Surgery

Q. What is the role of laparoscopy in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery?

A. Laparoscopic method is the only safe option in Bariatric Surgery. Bariatric Surgery is considered when the body mass index (BMI. is more than 27.5. It is really difficult to perform open surgery in obese patients. They have higher chance for respiratory and wound complications after open surgery. Highly desirable results are obtained by laparoscopic approach, which gives a very good access to the stomach. Laparoscopic bariatric surgery brings back obese patients to normalcy by getting rid of the extra fat which is causing various medical illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac illness, breathing difficulty, joint pain, cancers, infertility etc. These surgeries are also helpful in normal weight type 2 diabetics

Q. How much weight will I lose after sleeve gastrectomy and how long will it take for that?

A. Weight loss is gradual. Initially, you will lose 1 kg/day. Later on, weight loss becomes less. In the first month, you lose around 10 – 20 kgs and by the second month it drops by about 6-8 kgs. Thus upto 80% of the excess weight will be lost in 6 months to 1 year time.

Q. Will the weight regain after 1 year?

A. It usually does not regain as within one year time, you will be tuned to a proper healthy diet. If you eat high caloric foods like ice creams, chips, chocolates, etc., weight may regain by about 5 kg.

Q. During the period of weight loss, I am told that diet is very much restricted. Won't I feel hungry or weak ?

A. No. As told already, you will be losing 1 kg weight every day. It means you are consuming 1 kg fat every day. That fat digested from your body stores gives you energy to work. Also you will feel your stomach full with very less quantity of food. Our body does not store water and vitamins. So that should be taken regularly during first few months and skipping water and vitamin tablets will be the cause for feeling weak.

Q. Will I became underweight with the procedure?

A. No. You will lose upto 80% of your excess weight only so that you will be about 5 kg more than the upper limit of your normal range. That excess weight can also be reduced by continuing strict diet protocols.

Q. What are the side effects of this procedure?

A. Generally very, very safe. Acidity and gastric leak are very rare. Hair loss while the weight is getting reduced is experienced by 10% of ladies, but it settles once the weight is stabilized.

Q. When can I become pregnant after this procedure?

A. After 6 months only. This procedure does not have any ill effects on pregnancy. But pregnancy-induced weight gain and sleeve-induced weight loss create confusion for both bariatric surgeon and obstetrician.

Q. Is this procedure cost effective ?

A. 200%. The benefits of the procedure on overall health is tremendous. Diabetes and allied illness get cured after this procedure; it is priceless. Also the change it brings in overall quality of life, self esteem, cosmeses is unmatching.

Q. Can I talk to some one who had the procedure earlier?

A. Yes. Some patients would be very much willing to share their experience and dramatic change in life following the procedure. We can share their numbers on request.

Q. Whom to consult if I need more details?

Dr. R. Padmakumar
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Dr. R. Padmakumar
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Director - Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute Internationale (MISII)
(Specialist in Laparoscopy, Hernia, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes Surgery, Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery,
Thoracoscopy, Intragastric Balloon)
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GC Member, Association of Surgeons of India
Vice President- Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of India
Jt. Secretary - Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons
Founder Member, Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society Of India
Founder Member, Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India
International Faculty of IASGO on Hernia and Diabetic Surgery
International Faculty of IFSO on Diabetic Surgery
Associate Editor : Diabetes and Obesity International Journal